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Harry Potter Wizards Unite has been announced!

This is an unofficial fan wiki which we've put together to share information (and rumours) with fellow fans of both Harry Potter and Pokemon Go.

What is Harry Potter Wizards Unite[edit]

From the announcement so far we've learned that it's going to be an augmented reality game. This means that you'll be able to explore the Harry Potter world in the real world using your mobile, similar to Pokemon Go.

When is Harry Potter Wizards Unite getting released[edit]

So far it looks like it's going to be in 2018.

Where will the game be released?[edit]

With Pokemon Go the same company released the game first in Japan, Australia and new zealand. This was followed by a big release in the united states before getting rolled out to other countries such as Brazil.

We suspect that they will use a similar roll out strategy to avoid getting to many players playing the mobile game at the same time.

General pages[edit]

  • Release status - Discussion about the release in the different regions
  • Characters - Possible characters that may be in the game
  • Spells - What kind of spells can you use in the magical world
  • Magical creatures - What creatures inherit the Harry Potter world
  • Items - Useful items to use in the game
  • Teams - What role will teams play in the game
  • Skills - What skills can you learn in the wizard world
  • Experience - How experience and levels may work in the game
  • Region exclusives - What can only be achieved within certain real world locations